iRest Yoga Nidra

Integrative Restoration (iRest) is a contemporary adaptation of Yoga Nidra.  It is a simple mindfulness meditation technique that brings about physical, psychological and spiritual healing.  When doing iRest we welcome home every aspect of ourselves, recognizing our innate perfection, just as we are.  The premiss of this practice is that there is nothing you need to change about yourself.  Through the gentle, patient, and persistent practice of acceptance we begin to unravel self limiting beliefs and conditioning that taints our experience of the world.  By removing these judgmental filters we achieve deeper and deeper clarity, seeing things just as they are, free from distortion.


Session Fees: 

Fees are set on a floating scale to help them be accessible for more people. Please choose a price within the range that best represents the balance between what you feel the session was worth and what is reasonable for your pocketbook.



60 Minutes: $70 to $100

90 Minutes : $90 to $130

As clarity increases a solid sense of well being begins to shine forth.  iRest cultivates a person's inherent sense of peace amidst all of life's challenges.

Kim has been studying iRest since the summer of 2010. She is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher and assists in iRest trainings in Canada. She teaches it in group and private sessions. Yoga Nidra is so amazingly inclusive of all the teachings of yoga, as well as Buddhist teachings, Taoist teachings and psychology it has become the heart of Kim's teachings.

Please note that sessions can easily be done over the phone or online if you are unable to meet Kim at her studio.

"Yoga Nidra has been amazingly transformative in my life.  It has helped me become so much more aware of my unconscious reactions, even helped me to understand where these reactions stem from. Yoga Nidra has taught me to welcome aspects of myself I had rejected giving me a sense of wholeness and peace along with the ability to be more accepting of those qualities in others.  Most importantly though, iRest is deepening my relationship and connection with Source. When I am in relationship with (what I like to call) the Big "S" Self I am aligned with the universe. It provides the appropriate response to every situation. I simply need to pay attention and get out of the way! It is fantastically freeing and empowering."