Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki). It flows through all living things but can become weak, stagnant or stuck. Reiki practitioners channel this energy and direct it into the clients body most often via their hands through direct touch or hovering the hands just above the body. It is often referred to as a "laying on of hands" healing. Reiki energy can also be transmitted through time and space when the practitioner focuses on the recipient and directs the energy to them. Distant healings are just as strong as in-person sessions.


Session Fees: 

Fees are now set on a floating scale. Please choose the price within the range that you feel best represents the value of the session balanced with what is comfortable for you financially.


60 Minute Session: $70 to $100

90 Minute Session: $90 to $130

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle healing art.  It is like a soft warm river washing through your body. It can release blockages, strengthen weak areas and calm overactive areas. Reiki works on all of the body sheaths -  physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Recipients experience many things: tingling; fluctuating heat or cold; energy flowing through different body parts; some see vibrant images or colours; some experience emotional releases; some sense healing happening in the body; some clients have experienced total relief of symptoms whether they are physical, emotional or mental; everyone feels deeply relaxed. The flow of energy helps to return all human systems back to equilibrium.  When our energy is low we are much more susceptible to illness. When it is high we are glowing, healthy and strong on all levels.

This healing tradition originated in Japan and stands apart from other healing techniques because of the attunements given to practitioners by Reiki Masters and because it is one of the few healing techniques one can perform on oneself. Some texts suggest it goes back well beyond 2000 yrs. Reiki comes from the same compassionate place in all of us. The desire to help, to care for and to touch those in need.

Please note that Reiki treatments can be just as effective when done over a distance. In other words if you are unable to come to Kim she can treat you where ever you are in the world from where ever she is.


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