Yoga Therapy

At the centre of Yoga Therapy with Kim is iRest Yoga Nidra however, after discussing what challenges you are dealing with, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even just a sense of something missing in your life, together the two of you can decide on what will work best.  You will draw from all of Kim's training and experience incorporating asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath practices), iRest (meditative and self inquiry practice), and Reiki (energy healing).  You will come up with an eclectic mix specially designed to support you at this time in your life. Students leave feeling refreshed, balance, better. 

Set aside 90 minutes for the initial visit, subsequent sessions are
60 - 90 minutes.

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Session Fees: 

Fees are now set on a floating scale. Please choose the price within the range that you feel best represents the value of the session balanced with what is comfortable for you financially.


60 Minute Session: $70 to $100

90 Minute Session: $90 to $130

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I have participated in Kim's classes for over 5 years.  She is an excellent instructor because she knows her students and plans her class to meet their needs.  Kim is also very involved in using her skills with yoga as a volunteer in the community.  I highly recommend KIm's FULL LIFE YOGA classes.

– Pamela